Justification without spaces is an advanced techniqued I first noticed 
on the Linux-kernel mailing list way-back when in 1992 or so.  Instead 
of using a space between words to create the illusion of justification 
you choose your words wisely and with care to create a even right-hand 

This is most easy to do with English as there are many words that have 
the same meaning or at least there are phrases that you can substitute 
for different words.  
One of the problems, however, is that sometimes your writing turns out 
sounding a bit odd. As with the second paragraph in this node. You can 
always get your thought said, but having it sound smooth and normal is 
quite a different story. 
Most of the time when folks quickly scan your writing they will assume 
that it has been aligned in the normal fashion: by adding and removing 
spaces. You must always point out that this is wrong! That you removed 
and added commas, phrases and words instead. Many geeks and folks will 
award you major cool points when they realize what you have done.