I'll get downvoted for this, but I'm honestly curious: how do those that believe in God and the Bible feel about this?

I hear that the Bible is ageless; does this agelessness include the above quoted passages?

How do true Christian feel about their God when he commands them to KILL EVERY CHILD in a city? I mean, do you honestly feel those children DESERVED it? Regardless of their parents?

How can you possibly worship a God that demands such terrible things?

Unless it's "metaphors", right? Then what is to say the rest of the Bible is not the same "metaphor" ? How do you decide which is Good and which is Bad? Which do you listen to and which do you ignore?

I know, parts of the Bible have been edited; that much is obvious. But how do you decide which? How can you point at one thing and say "See! The Bible commands that it is so!" when just a few pages away there's a wonderful story of God demanding the complete and total genocide of entire nations? I refuse to believe that every member of a population was guilty of whatever crime that brought on God's Wrath.

By what right can you pick and choose which to follow? And how do you know you are correct? Sure enough in your correctness that you are willing to force your belief on someone else? And KILL THEM for not converting?

Sorry folks, but the Bible is one fucked up piece of literature. More murder and mayhem has been comitted in God's name than Hilter would have been able to do had he lived 1000 years and had total control. In the history of the human race more deaths can be attributed to those who follow God than to any other single cause.