Intelligent site that offers reviews of nearly a thousand brands of beverages, as well as providing a beverage discussion forum (the bevboard) and the opportunity to buy many quality drinks online, through their site (Stewarts and Skeleteens are two examples of brands available for purchase at the bevnet.

The Bevnet first started with a parody of a Mountain Dew review which praised the soda as a nectar of thegods (it's still on their site, for nostalgia purposes). Now all their reviews are legitimate, yet written in an entertaining and humorously honest fashion. Drinks are graded on a scale from A+ to F, and are also noted for quenching, bottle design, et al. They used to mark drinks on their sweetness level as well, but I believe this section disappeared when the site was revamped.

Bevnet is not as entertaining as it used to be, as it now leans more toward Red Bull type energy drinks, but the old reviews are all still there, and once in awhile something new comes along to spark my interest. The message boards are a great resource for new developments in the beverage industry.