Siege is a silly, free puzzle game by Fallen Angel Industries, created with The Games Factory sometime in 2002. After picking one of six generals, you set up camp on one side of a surprisingly two-dimensional battlefield. You have a 6x5 grid on the top of the screen full of tiles in four flavors: Iron (gray arrow thing), Wood (green tree on brown), Fire (fireball!), and Magick (star thingy on green). By mixing these together (any tile can be switched with any other tile) on the bottom two rows and pressing enter, you build things like knights and dragons and archers, which march (or fly, or ride, or float) out of your castle (or giant skull, or evil tree fort, or tower), and usually end up getting eaten out by the bigger and badder thing your enemy just built. Eventually, either time runs out and a winner is declared, or one player's stronghold runs out of HP and a loser is exploded.

Siege has one big glaring problem: a missing dll. Specifically, cncs32.dll. It isnt that hard to find, however, with the magic of Google.

Generals: There are six generals. The power-to-technology scheme is pretty simple: The more HP the general has, the less complex the things are it can build. For example, Edward the Friendly can't even build KNIGHTS, but he can take quite a beating.

         Biggest Fort -------------------------------------- Biggest Baddies
General |EDWARD the|   LORD   | COUNTESS | CULT of  |  FATHER   | MORTIMER  |
Highest |          |          |          |          |           |           |
Possible|Battering | Catapult |  Knight  | Outpost  |  Airship  |Necromancer|
Unit    |   Ram    |          |          |          |           |           |
this graph looks horrible in the edit box
Units: There are 20 units. They are all 2, 4, or 6 slots wide, and 1-2 slots tall. They can only be placed in the bottom two rows, and units 1 slot tall can only be placed on the very bottom. Also, all units can only be placed on pairs, like this:
And now, the big bag o' combinations:
Obviously, I = Iron, W = Wood, F = Fire, and M = Magick.
  1. Footsoldier
    • II - Really, really, really simple. These tend to show up a lot right away after you build something, which is helpful because you can just *TICK TACK TICK* off some cannon fodder to follow up your Golem or whatever.
  2. Archer
    • WF - Once you realize what these actually do, they dont seem as interesing. They appear, shoot off one arrow, and disappear. I suggest making several at once, to take a chunk off that Necromancer your opponent just built.
  3. Battering Ram
    • WWWI - These have the amazing power to go really slow. On the flip side, though, they do do a decent amount of damage.
  4. Bombadeer
    • FF - I thought these were some wizard thing at first. It turns out that they're just guys that explode about halfway across the screen,
      FF - killing anything the explosion hits. Not bad, though.
  5. Crossbow
    • WWWW - Uh oh! Complexity! These shoot a big arrow across half the screen and slice things in their way. Very thinly.
  6. Catapult
    • FFFF - A bombadeer that doesnt take as long. That's it.
  7. Briar Patch
    • MM - These are very very useful. They get in the way of anything trying to attack your stronghold, and last for a few knights. Build one,
      WW - NOW. You can't? Get a better general, NOW.
  8. Knight
    • FI - AWW YEAH! They're fast, they're reasonably strong, and they carry a barbershop pole. Don't use footsoldiers, EVER; just get Sedusa or
      FI - better and flood these.
  9. Thunderstorm
    • MM - These are supposed to block projectiles, which they do nicely. Beware, though, as Airships count as projectiles, and sometimes Dragons
      MM - as well.
  10. Warlock
    • WWMMMM - These are dissapointing. Instead of getting some supernatural bearded guy who lays waste to hordes of enemies, slinging fireballs through the air, you get a beefed-up crossbow. *Yawn*.
  11. Engineer
    • IWIW - These are supposed to restore some HP, and they might just be useless. I had to pull up Siege, figure out all the second-player
      WIWI - controls, and do some damage to P2 so I could build an engineer with him. And it left before I gained even one point of health.
  12. War Elephant
  13. Outpost
    • FWWWWF - The first 2x6 in the set. Do you see a pattern here? "Well if you trade off some HP, you can get a better version of what this guy
      WIWWIW - has! Today: Briar patch switches to wood and starts shooting arrows."
  14. Meteor
    • MM - Three randomly-aimed fireballs come streaking down, and kill something on your opponent's half of the screen, including your guys.
  15. Plague
    • __WW__ - Bombadeer -> Catapult -> Plague
      MMMMMM - Really Slow -> Fast -> Instant (With neat glowy skull thing)
  16. Airship
    • WWWWWW - Step two of Meteor! They float along, drop bombs, and will die at your opponent's Thunderstorms.
  17. Golem
    • IIIIII - Woah. Big, slow, and invincible. This thing survived five crossbows, a full briar patch, and still took a decent chunk out of the
      IMMMMI - other guy's stronghold. You can only build them one at a time, but you only need one.
  18. Dragon
    • MFMFMF - Yes, Dragons. You can't have a game like this without them. Basically, triple-shot of Meteor plus screen-crossing of Airship.
  19. Necromancer
    • MFMWMI - Number one reason to pick Mortimer. This guy walks a little way, raises his hands, and starts working magic. When any of your guys
      MMMMMM - dies, you get a fresh zombie out of it!
  20. Zombie
    • No way to build these. To get them, have a Necromancer out when one of your guys dies. You can have up to 3, and they work just fine. Unfortunately, they cant eat strongholds.