A science fiction short story by Carolyn Ives Gilman, featured in the 19th Annual "Year's Best Science Fiction".

The plot (without giving too much away) is that a female scientist named Sage is copied down onto a disk (so to speak), encoded onto a beam of light, and sent off to a black hole. The idea is that the beam will twist around and come back 45 years later, an effective one-way time travel. Se finds that a company named Metameme has patented the human genome, and thus owns her. And Disney makes action figures along the way.

A line from the book:

He checked another screen. "Endorsement bonds are rolling in nicely. Disney and ATW are duking it out for rights to the action figures, the biopic, and the immersion game. The plastic surgeons are waiting for specs on her face." He peered through wispy bangs at Sage. "Thank god they didn't send some bald guy with bad teeth."

Source: 19th Annual "The Year's Best Science Fiction"