(This is a true story. Or, as true as a story can be coming from the mouth and mind of a seventy-year-old hobo named Cyclone. Here is your 5 pound bag of salt.)

In Jackson, MI there is the State Prison and Correctional facility. In the 1940s or 1950s (I hadn't paid too much attention to Cyclone at the start), a reporter came in to inspect the facility, and to confirm the rumors about the prison. As he walked through, being shown both the grounds and the standard procedures, he came across a large room with skylights. Prisoners lay about, naked and sunbathing. The reporter asked for the closest sunbather's name, to which the man replied "Riley, sir."

The next day, the headline ran "Come to Jackson State Prison and Live the Life of Riley" in which it detailed the 3 excellent meals a day, the quality clothing provided, and of course, the option to sunbathe while serving one's sentence. Needless to say, very shortly prisoners were not allowed to sunbathe.