Conectiva S/A is the company that produces the Conectiva Linux distribution.
This is the leader distribution in Latin America (acording to various sources), and is mostly used by Portuguese and Spanish speaking users (although it has full English Support).
Conectiva S/A is one of the members of UnitedLinux.

You can find their main homepage at, although the english part is mostly about UnitedLinux.
The main ftp site can be found at (server located at Canada).
A download page is also avaliable, but in Portuguese only, at

Conectiva comes with the apt package utility, which provides on-line upgrades and package instalation. Notice should be placed that Conectiva is a RPM based distribution.

One interesting thing to notice is that Marcelo Tossati, the current head maintainer of the stable Linux kernel works for Conectiva. Other kernel hackers that work there: ACME and Rik van Riel.

Reviews and additional off-site information:
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  • - Conectiva Linux on DistroWatch (software information, versions, releases etc)

Conectiva S/A has ABN AMRO BANK as it's major share holder. Other owners are LatinTech and the original 6 founders. The exact ownership share of each part is unknown, although it's interesting to notice that ABN aquired extras shares (and so became the major share holder) in May/June 2002 (exact date unknown).

Conectiva HQ is located in Curitiba, PR, Brazil. Phone: +55-41-360-2600

Note: Conectiva was the first Linux distrubution (as well as sponsor) of the apt-rpm port of the Debian apt-get package management suit for RPM.