In these December days of Hannukah and Christmas we should be particularly pedantic
about differences and distinctions. This is why it's important to appreciate the following

difference between a Christian atheist and a Jewish atheist:

  • A Christian atheist doesn't believe that God exists.
  • A Jewish atheist believes that God doesn't exist.

Professor Georg Klein attributes these lucid definitions to professor Shmuel Eisenstadt. Sadly, neither of these learned professors have illuminated us about the beliefs of Moslem atheists. This will be left as a Yuletime exercise to the reader.

Shmuel Eisenstadt is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an influential researcher of Jewish, Japanese and European cultures and of the dynamics of democratic society.

Georg Klein, in turn, is Professor Emeritus in Medicine and a researcher of Tumor Biology at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. Klein classifies himself as a Jewish atheist, according to Eisenstadt's distinction.

Submitted to The Ninjagirls Christmas Special.