Wow, thefez can really create some nodeshells!

The difference between a niche and a rut is hard to see from low altitudes. Since I can’t see the forest for the trees this really resonates for me.

I’m accused of having only one topic in life yet it is my passion. It is my niche but is it my rut? I probably know more about this topic that 99% of humans and I’m still learning but I do tend to drone on and on. Still “they” pay me for this so how much of a rut can it be? But I continue at home, at the mall, to strangers and loved ones alike. Where does passion end and obsession begin?

Well, as long as I can still kayak and hike, garden and bird watch I guess there will still be venues where even I can escape myself.

And so what if I eat oatmeal every day. If I miss it at breakfast, I’ll have it for dinner.