The way that we treat our fellow humans--either by stepping around their differences on quiet feet or by being openly suspicious of their motives--is often molded and encouraged equally by both sides of the fence. After being bodily ejected from a gay club for kissing my girl friend, I realized that certain gay people enjoy their hard earned status as estranged sexual outlaws. I personally know many (not all) gay people that wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they were no longer concidered shocking and outrageous. The world would simply end if they couldn't walk into Macy's in drag and drop a few jaws and that seems to be fine by them; it's fine by me. I just don't see how people who view life from this point of view can still continue to complain; I guess some people enjoy bitching as much as they enjoy shocking people.
I am not saying that I think that we should oppress gay people, women, people of races different than our own or anyone--for that matter--I am saying that there are entire sub-cultures built around oppression that actually seem to encourage it (which I find bizarre). In a world where older and less socially active gay couples are called "sell outs" by the rest of the gay community for owning a business that isn't specifically related to being gay or simply trying to live a normal life without much giving concern to whom they do and do not fuck; I think that it is safe to say that a good portion of "oppressed" are not working toward a unified sexual front.

What if your black friends saw you walking around with your new white friend? What if your classmates from your Feminists in Liturature class saw you out on a date with a man? What if your beer chugging buddies caught you watching Oprah?
Just imagine the day when the ghetto is clean and monitarily secure, there are drag clubs on every corner and all those ass-pinching bosses quit. When the commie threat is dead and when all the heathens are converted; when the sun shines down and all of humanity is one big happy family--what will you bitch about? Who is the bad guy then?