There is only truly one totally unrealistic thing about Star Trek.

I can walk up to a little machine in the wall and tell it to make me anything my heart desires and there is a room where anything I want in the world to happen to me will happen to me.

My question to you.

Why in the fuck would my ass be in space?

Reality check people, my butt would be locked in a perpetual orgy of unrealistic proportions.

"Holodeck, load the 'Wet, Wild and Ready 7' Scenario... Engage."

Or those little doodads in the wall that can make anything through controlled fusion.

"Uhh..*HiC*...whuah..whuydontyagimmie li-ike 12 shu..shots uuvv 50 year o-old scotch, ehaa *HiC* pipe bomb and a nakend blonde thaaat can*Hic*can*HiC*Can't speeek enny English. thaasnks.. .. . *HiC*"

I would be dead half way through my first week as Starfeet Academy. I can see how you might get a little bored having everything you have ever wanted after a while...

No, no, I can't see that at all. I lied.