An ancient religious figure who has been recently glorified, especially by the steadily inflating female indy-rock culture. According to jewish apocrypha, she was the first wife of Adam who refused to submit to his sexual dominance and ran away from the garden of Eden. Though a tempting choice for a female heroine and martyr; what pop culture neglects to tell you is that she also copulated with Satan to spite Adam, giving birth to a brood of one hundered demons in one day. When she wouldn't return to the garden she was punished by Yahweh.
Stories of a lilith-eqsue demon has been found in many cultures including the Canaanites, the Sumerians, the Mexicans, Native Americans and Greeks and though she has had many names; the stories are all uncannily similar in naming her as a notoriously murderous evil spirit.
So before you adopt her as your patron saint of feminine empowerment, be aware that her most noted activities ranged from killing pregnant mothers to strangling children. Not exactly very congenial to womanhood if you ask me.