I am perfectly fine leaving that hole in my reality. We use "God" to conveniently explain what cannot be explained. The humorous thing is, once we do come up with a plausible explanation for something, we refute what could very well be the truth for our old explanation. Religion tends to be an out dated and bad framework for unfounded assumptions that take the place of logical reasoning and scientific research, and it won’t go away. Yet another reason why religion drives me nuts. We cannot simply admit we don't know something, we always have to have an answer for everything. As a people we presume we may know every secret of the universe. This is pompous and not only that, it is incorrect. I am sick of it.

It is God’s will.”

I find it annoying how people presume to speak for “God” all the time. I think that if he is around, he needs to start speaking for himself because his followers have some serious issues. I must also point out that the concept of “good and evil” can exist just fine without “God”. You have:

A) “I do good so that God will like me and not throw me into hell.”
B) “I do good to make this shit-ass world we created a better place since ‘God’ is doing a pretty horrible job so far.”

For an explanation of the wacky concept of self perpetuated morality see:
MY life has no Carrot