A one thousand year old town in northern Bavaria, Germany, Aschaffenburg, a.k.a "A'burg", is about thirty minutes southeast of Frankfurt.

With the Spessart mountains on its northern flank, the geography found in Aschaffenburg is a mixture of mountains and farmlands. Situated in the old section of town on a sweeping bend of the Main River is the Schloß Johannisburg, a very large and beautiful pink granite castle.

The Rosso Bianco sports and racing car museum, the largest of its kind in the world, is located in Aschaffenburg. (I highly recommend visiting it if ever in Bavaria, even for non car-nuts. Mom even enjoyed it when I took her and Dad.)

Aschaffenburg was the home of the Third Brigade of the Third Infantry Division, US Army for many years. In 1992 due to the drawdown of US forces in Europe, the Phantom Brigade folded its tents and moved to Schweinfurt.