Samurai X is the name Sony Visual originally gave to a chopped up version of the Rurouni Kenshin TV series.

Reports from those who have seen "Samurai X," a heavily edited version of the TV show, (it aired in Hong Kong and the Phillipines as test markets) say that it lost almost all of the original story, and that all of the violence had been toned down sharply. Those who have seen the TV show know that the violence plays a critical role in many episodes, which tells you what they did to it.

Fans saw this as well, and as a result the Samurai X version of the TV show died off. After failing to get a broadcast licensor in the states (they were offering up "Samurai X"), Sony licensed Rurouni Kenshin TV to Media Blasters, and the movie and OAVs to AD Vision. Media Blasters kept the Rurouni Kenshin title, but ADV, in their continuous efforts to be different, chose the Samurai X title for both the movie and the OAVs (but graciously provided beautiful double-sided covers that had a "Rurouni Kenshin" in hiragana+kanji opposite the Samurai X side for both the OAVs and the movie).

In Japan, both the OAVs and Movie were known under the Rurouni Kenshin name.