A police van is responding to backup a burglary call. He comes up and is hindered by a car who isn't especially keen to stop, or even slow down and give the right of way. And, in his van, he's not got the horsepower to really zip past him on this rural road.

He's right on the centre line now, the dark hedgerows whipping past as he tries to judge whether he can safely overtake, but even a gentle corner like this has pretty restricted vision ahead.

Coming the other way, a goth chick sees the flashing blue lights, and stops to provide a gap for the policeman to finally get past. So she stops and the policeman starts to overtake at last. Just as I come round the corner to be confronted by an oncoming police van and a stopped car, which I hit.

Now my arms are cut to hell, my car's front is smashed in, my insurance will go up, and someone else has a banged up car. Luckily, I'm the most injured, the goth lass was untouched.

All because someone wouldn't get out of the way of a policeman rushing to help someone just like them, this chain of events started unwinding.

Thank goodness I didn't brake and avoid into the police van, though.