In William Gibson's book, Count Zero, a slamhound is a type of assassination device.

A slamhound is a dog, which has been heavily modified by surgery to contain high explosives in place of its internal organs. It's then fitted with sensory devices that heighten its sensitivity to sight and smell, and some sort of interface device to allow the target's data to be slotted in. Presumably it would be kept in some form of hibernation until needed.. ( hard to feed a dog that dosent have viscera. )

The slamhound is released in the general vicinity of it's target. It uses its heightened senses and cyber-enhanced brain to find the victim. When it tracks the target down, it basically just runs up to it and explodes. Pretty effective, considering one manages to take out the main character, Turner, in the first two pages of the book. o_0

And Turner is the token bad-ass of that novel.