An entertaining way of messing with someone who’s stoned. Here’s how it works:

Have a sober person (and preferably one who has a very good control of their speech in general) pull a stoned person aside and start talking to them. Then, they’ll say something like, “oh, did you see my magic box?” The stoned person will say no, of course, and the first person will mime as though they were holding a box, with their hands about a foot apart and as if they were pressed against the two vertical sides of the box. That is to say, the fingers are pointed straight at the stoned person.

The sober person goes on to talk normally but then will move his or her hands over the stoned person’s head as he or she is talking, and now here’s where some experience with theatrical performance will come in handy. The idea is that the first person is placing the box over the stoned person’s head, and as soon as this happens the sober person’s voice cuts out, but they keep on mouthing words to the stoned person. If the person is skilled enough, the sober person will then open a “magic door” to the box, in which case of course, their voice becomes audible again. The combination of opening and closing the magic door and taking the box on and off can be quite effective, but the first person really has to be on the money for this to work. Rest assured, though, that it can be quite entertaining to see your friend absolutely terrified of the box, or at the very least, pretty tripped out.

Generally, the words that the first person says should be about the magic door and the magic box, so if you were listening to them they would sound like this: “Now, I’ve got this magic box and I’ll—(pause) now the magic door is opened if I close the mag—(pause) take off the magic box everything goes back to normal but if it goes back on—(pause)—magic do—(pause)—open it—“ And so on. Have fun with this, but if someone is really tripping out, you know, be cool.