Andromeda is also a new TV show by Gene Roddenberry (the title incessantly refers it to "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda"). To start you off, it's about this ship, the Andromeda Ascendant that got trapped in some Time Dilation anomalie and got stuck for 300 years until they were freed by a crew that was hired to steal the ship. While attempting to free the ship from the anomalie, they also freed the 300 year old Andromeda Captain, Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo). Episodes later, Captain Dylan Hunt finds himself defending the galaxy from Evil-doers and seeking to restore the fallen Commonwealth (which is sorta like the Federation in Star Trek). The AI in the show is also named Andromeda played by Lexa Doig.

The Cast

The Aliens

    These Aliens are genetically engineered, have clawes on the backside of their arms and are the enemies of the Commonwealth. Tyr Anasazi is a Nietzschean.

    They are furry, have bad vision, but good ears. The look like orangutans.

    Also furry, but much more odd looking than the Nighsiders. They have pointy ears, weird triangular noses and claws. They can also spit acid which is one of their modes of self-defense. They seem to have some type of Buddhist philosophy going on. Rev Bem is a Magog and probably one of the last seeing as the Magog Solar System was destroyed.

Personally, this show really needs better scripts. It's boring and cheesy. Why do I watch this show? Lexa Doig. A dumb reason, but Sci-Fi chicks just rock.