Yet another perfect Sunday...

We have a friend visiting from Sydney for the long weekend (Queen's Birthday), so we've felt compelled to do things, instead of just sitting around like we normally do. So now we've been to lunch (at Three Monkeys), seen Shrek (a super cute, funny movie) and played two games of Trivial Pursuit. At midnight last night, after much alcohol comsumption, it was decided there should be a Useless Pursuit, as in-

"Okay, this is for pie... how do you change a tyre?"... "If you need to urinate, you should do it where?"..."What is the local apple season?" Most questions supplied by Jason. Had to give credit or he'd get shitty.

Another eviction on Big Brother tonight: Sara-Marie, Christina, or Peter will go. Lisa went last week, and this is Sara-Marie's 4th nomination. Many think it'll be her turn to leave... only one hour to find out.