I am in the land of Deliverance; the land that English grammar and dental hygiene forgot. If it's still not clear, I'm in the South, more specifically Atlanta. Right off the bat, let me say I'm thankful for being located in a cosmopolitan city, a beacon of light amidst the.... well, you get the idea. Really, I have no right to be so critical since I don't have direct experience of that which I'm disparaging. But much like France, the South is both easy and fun to make fun of. Try not to read too much into it.

I've been inundated with baby's breath lately, and lest you picture tiny flowers, I'm talking about the rank-with-formula kind. God I hope it's formula. I do love my kids, as I like to refer to them, even if they are my sisters' children, all of barely three, one, and six-months. I'm happy to say that in coming here I've overcome the whole proximity problem in being a part of their lives. Happy day.

But of course man does not live on baby's breath alone, and it is with this in mind that I announce my new job as (surprise, surprise) a web developer. Nice, small company where I think I will be able to make an important contribution. Getting a job where you can make money isn't too difficult if you're single and unattached, so finding a job with a young, motivated (yet still laid back) work-force is foremost in the gratitude-centers of my brain.

Praise be to... wait, that gets me thinking. I could insert any god's name after "to," except for one (hint: it rhymes with Ah ha!) unless I want to be black-balled in some way. I could've almost spelled out the end of E2 as we know it! Whew, tragedy narrowly averted. Yes, I'm being dramatic, but only with the memory of a Persian comic's email conversation.

Persian Comic's Friend and General Smart-Ass: So Maz, where is the next terrorist strike going to be?

Persian Comic: "Hey man, I've been talking to al-Qaida and, uh, the next terrorist hit is going down in the lower east side of Iceland. Ha ha."

Of course the next time Jobrani tried to check his email he was denied access. What to do but try to contact Hotmail directly?

MJ: "I put 'ha ha!' Al-Qaida doesn't put 'Americans must die. Ha ha.' They don't do that!"

/me b-lines back from tangent...

So here I am now doing my thing, with job secured, and the responsibility of sending out social-feelers becoming more pressing. All in due time.