When confronted with techno music, many people will simply push it away, saying, "that's too repetitive". They are, of course, right; in that style of music, the kind of music i listen to, the entire point is repetition and variation. It's background music; it's meant to jam and score, not to rock; it is subtle. Its purpose is iteration and flow, and so repetition is in no way a bad thing.

If you are unable to understand or agree with that, i'm fine with that. If you don't want to listen to repetitive music, that's perfectly fine. That's a wholly valid view. But this is where the paradox, which only recently occurred to me, comes in:

The same people who complain most about repetition in techno tend to cancel out any lack of repetition in what music they listen to by listening to the same piece of music over and over and over.

While totally unable to handle that eight-minute plastikman song which consists of slight variations on a theme which constantly evolves over the eight minutes, they are perfectly happy listening to a three-minute lit song on repeat four times in a row. How?

I may listen to very repetitive music, yes, but i rarely listen to a single album more than once a week. Meanwhile those who deride my beloved techno will regularly listen to the same album multiple times in a single day. What is this?