Just for the record, Microsoft Interix was originally not a Microsoft product. It is an acquisition; it was originally developed by Softway Systems, and bought from Softway by Microsoft after 2.2 was released (and the opennt->interix name change took place).

When Softway owned it, the UNIX community loved interix, and thought it was a really cool technology. Now it's owned by Microsoft, so it's believed to be tainted, or something. Questionable but not unrealistic conspiracy theories exist that Microsoft is either going to use Internix as a stepping-stone to create their own monopolistic UNIX foray, or that Microsoft only bought Internix because they were afraid it was too useful a technology to not be under their direct control (where they can kill or cripple it whenever they feel it becomes dangerous). Microsoft's website tries as hard as possible to pretend Softway Systems never existed, although if you poke around you can still find the PR release in their archives from when they bought Internix..

One thing to note is that between Mac OS X, Internix, and Be, within a year or so POSIX will become an almost literally global standard, with its apps capable of running literally anywhere.. should be interesting. Those who control the APIs control the industry.