Occasionally people comment on what aliens would think if all they knew of the Earth and humans was e2. It's usually used as a pejorative to shout down a troll, but on the whole e2 samples English well. Any decently intelligent species that came across e2 could translate it (especially if they could get a binary copy). Then they would have a nice criss-cross of my (surely coloured) view of humanity.

Civility reigns at e2. dem bones writeup on editor philosophy strikes at the heart of a well crafted human undertaking. EDITORS WILL STRIKE DOWN THAT WHICH IS WRONG, or possibly that which is misspelled. Either way, it's wrongness only that will be struck down, or religious right opinions:) (That's by vote though).

This place balances me. I have searched for you all. Now that I've found you. I'm glad I'm here. You check me, and I love this place for it. I'd tithe to this place if it became part of everything culture. Knowledge is my religion, and everything2 is my shrine.

But..., I digress.

e2 has the spirit of the western English speaking world imbued all through it. The US and Canada rule the roost around here. The English (and the rest of QE2’s subjects), some assorted Europeans, and a small but vocal group of Chinese add big flavor to the mix. With all that diverse, distributed, intelligence comes the balance of experience (which to me is the essence of wisdom and improvement). That is I find the the balance of e2, or sebastian.slashdot.org (to be authoratitive), beautiful. It well represents me in its paradoxes.

For me, it's the balance of everything.