The Poets of Rhythm play hard funk with psych tinges to it. They make the records you wish you could find from the 70's. They sound like the rare groove records that DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist steal breaks and samples from for mixing. Guitar, organ, bass and heavy drums with some horns and percussion thrown in for good measure. German dudes making funky American music. Good thick vinyl... mostly intrumental, mostly trippy and always funky... gotta dig the Poets of Rhythm groove.

These guys started digging Munich's crates in the 80's looking for KRS-One samples they were hearing. They (like a lot of us) ended up liking the source material better than most of the rappers and producers who were sampling it. Unlike most DJ's these guys can actually play an instrument other than the turntable. Think Breakestra, but with original songs.

The Poets of Rhythm are:


  • Discern/Define - 2001 - Quannum Records
  • What Goes 'Round - 2002 - Shadow Records
  • Several 45's throughout the 90's including "Hotpie's Popcorn Pt I" and "Funky Train"