Started the day with an anti-editor screed, I think I upset the editor who let me have it (in the nicest way) for a really crappy node I posted way back when.

Oh well nothing lost but a joke nodeshell. Sorry if I ruffled your feathers D.

On to better news, I can't believe I'm going to buy Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 on its release date. I haven't been this giddy since standing in line for the debut of Batman and Robin ("not just the worst movie ever... the worst thing ever" --Mike Nelson). I've been playing the THPS2 demo for about a month now. It's even cut into my Diablo II time.

Paging mcSey. mcSey to the white courtesy phone. Your life is calling. Please pick up.

Things to do way work today

  • Install 2000 Server on Jenny
  • Finish up ASP analysis
  • Get the damn DNS delegated to us
  • Requisition new switches. This 10-Base crap has to go.
That ought to be about a days worth. These 6:30 mornings really got me dragging. My little brother has got to get his work schedule better lined up with mine.

Then again an hour of noding a day keeps the mental health professionals away.