Great soul jazz organists who favored the Hammond B3.

  1. Jimmy Smith -- Simply the greatest organ player of all time. One of those rare musicians that as soon as shem begins to play, you know who it is. In fact, Smith's organ tone is so well known that many new keyboards come with the Hammond B3 sound preset to Jimmy.
  2. Richard "Groove" Holmes -- The name fits. The grooviest of the organ players (though some would argue that McGriff was funkier. Groove has been sampled by just about every crate digging hip hop act out there.
  3. Jimmy McGriff -- Almost as technically adept as Smith, almost as funky Groove. Anything you find by this guy is going to groove.
  4. "Brother" Jack McDuff -- Multi-talented session organist who could play in almost any genre. Didn't make as many "solo" records as the three listed above, but probably has more recording credits than all three of them.
  5. Hank Marr -- Sadly underrated organ player on early James Brown tracks.
  6. Shirley Scott -- Funky female organ player. Often more subtle than her male counterparts, she'd lull you into a groove and then come swinging with some nasty funk hook that'd hit you in the head but shake your rump.
  7. Booker T. Jones -- Head of the funkiest hit machine of the 60's Booker T. and the MGs, the house band at Stax Records and the definitive example of the Memphis Sound. Perhaps not the organ player that some others on the list we're, but he wrote the songs.
  8. Wild Bill Davis -- Early adopter of the Hammond. A bit rougher around the edges than the other players, but props go to Wild Bill for starting it all.
  9. Bill Doggett -- Three words... "Honky Tonk Popcorn". Ooh dat's funky, dat's just funky.
  10. Johnny "Hammond" Smith -- Late 60's and early 70's organ funk. The guy could just flat out play, and letting Bob James arrange your stuff is probably a good idea.