Despite the slogan that "No one sells more real estate than Re/Max", I'm permanently disgruntled about the company. They have an office in downtown Peoria which I visited when I was first planning to move here in 1999. I walked into the office, asking to see such-and-such an address. The extremely uninterested woman at the desk (secretary? agent?) informed me that I was to leave a $20 deposit, take the key, and visit the place myself. This was the first time I'd ever been expected to show myself around an apartment, but I did so. I was unimpressed by the place, and even moreso by Re/Max's utter lack of interest in showing me other addresses or answering my questions.

At the time, I figured their lack of involvement was due to my interest in an apartment, rather than a home. But a few weeks ago, my fiancee visited them on her own while looking into houses in the area, and reported the same treatment. Bizarre in the least. How they can sell anything to anyone without salespeople is beyond me. Maybe they only sell the most real estate elsewhere in the world.