Hawthorn is a suburb in the inner Eastern part of Melbourne, Australia.
On average its residents are middle class, although there are some very large houses on even larger blocks in some areas.

It is bordered by Richmond, Kew, Camberwell, Malvern and Toorak, all of which are traditionally middle to upper class with the exception of Richmond.

The Hawthorn town hall is situated on Burwood Road (not to be confused with the Burwood Highway which is called Toorak rd when it runs through Hawthorn) near the corner of Glenferrie Road and the Glenferrie Railway Station.

Swinburne University, formerly Swinburne Technical College, is situated near the town hall. It has an excellent reputation for the more creative or artistic technical courses. In the nineteen sixties, seventees and eightees it had the reputation for producing superior film makers to any other course in Australia, despite its relatively low funding.

Hawthorn is also home to The Hawthorn Football Club or The Hawks, an Australian Rules football club which is a member of the AFL.

Hawthorns streetscape and parks were planted with mostly introduced trees by the Victorian Preservation Society, a group of mad poms that spent the second half of the nineteenth century and earlier part of the twentieth trying to make Victoria look like England by going out of their way not preserving Australian flora and fauna.

Hawthorn is not known for its night life. It has a couple of night clubs and pubs but they are generally considered poor in comparison to other parts of Melbourne, although it is worth noting that it has more interesting night spots than any of its neighbouring suburbs, again with the exception of Richmond.