The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69), nicknamed "Mighty Ike," is a Nimitz class aircraft carrier currently in service with the US Navy. Laid down in 1970, launched in 1975, and commissioned in 1977, Mighty Ike was the second ship of her class, after the lead ship USS Nimitz. She was originally constructed by the Newport News Shipbuilding Company in Newport News, Virginia, and has been overhauled twice since then, to be brought up to modern standards. Mighty Ike has seen service in all major US military adventures since the 1970s, including the Iran Hostage Crisis, the Gulf War, the War in Iraq, and the War in Afghanistan. According to current long-term naval planning, she is scheduled to be in service until 2021.

Ike By the Numbers

Length: 1,115 feet
Width: 252 feet
Displacement: 101,600 tons
Top Speed: 30+ knots (maximum speed classified)
Range: Unlimited
Complement: 5,680 persons (3,200 crew and 2,480 air wing)
Total Aircraft Carried: 90 (including fixed wing and helicopters)