It came out of the blue but it wasn't surprising. The US government just doesn't bother to tell you when they fuck up.
  • We gave 34 million to the Taliban in may because they were "tough on drugs."
  • We killed 200,000 Iraqis during and after the Gulf War, many of whom were civilians or conscripted peasants sent into battle without shoes or guns.
  • The last time we attacked Bin Laden we killed 23 people in the mountains and it's not entirely clear that they had anything to do with him.
  • We blew up a Sudanese chemicals weapons factory that, a couple weeks later, we realized probably wasn't making weapons at all. Tens of thousands of Sudanese took to the streets calling for American blood.
  • We are one of, if not the largest exporter of guns in the world.

There are hundreds and thousands of other reasons to hate us, reasons to lash out at America. In the coming days we need to keep in mind that, whatever we decide, America was not an innocent victim. We were victims... but we are not innocent by any means. The individuals who died on the eleventh were, but the America wasn't, and it was America they struck out at.