A friend of mine said tonight that this had been the most interesting november on record for her, and when I stopped to think about it I realized it was for me too. I have been part of two mini noders get-togethers, seen two great concerts, participated in some amazing new friendships, fell in love, realized it wasn't meant to be, and bought a fouton couch. tonight I got to hang out with Diane, illumina and Laura who flew in from Hollywood. We went and saw the dar williams concert tonight (it was excellent and it turns out they were taping it for a live CD). The rest of the month looks just as promising. janis flies in tomorrow, and I will spend all day Tuesday with her and then go to meet my dad at the airport in the evening. He will stay with me for a week and join me for Thanksgiving Dinner with Randir and Dis and Chris, and assorted people I don't know (cahla and Diane both said they may drop by too).

I may not have a job at the moment, but I have an amazing life filled with wonderful friends that I am thankful for every single day.