On nights like this, nothing fits. There's a disconnect between us. Background noise is altering the translation of our words across the wires.

It's like there's something else. Another force at play. A part of you that doesn't want to hear my words, a part that doesn't want me near.

I feel the tension in your voice, while it grows between our words. But tonight was the last time I will let it grow unmentioned. We can not continue driving in these old and rutted circles. You are my best friend. You are the only one with whom I have connected.

Did some word or action remind you of our past? Or were the pains I asked about, not ready to come out? Or maybe there's some part of you that doesn't want me there. Let's reconnect, let's talk again, let's see what we can see. If you poke at me when I pull back; I'll poke when you do too.

An old node found lying in a folder... come little node, let me give you life.