In a meeting with a client you are propositioning in hopes of creating a web site for them, reveal your ignorance of simple matters and then contaminate your employees with your stupidity.

Excerpt from a real meeting with a prospective client:

Client: We were talking with this other company, but they insisted in doing everything with frames and of course that was unacceptable...

Boss: Oh, fraaaames... (waves his hand) See, that's your whole problem right there! Frames aren't even compatible with the server you're running, you see. Frames just don't work on a Linux server.

(pause for thirty seconds while everybody else in the room stares at Phil incredulously)

Boss (apparently getting uncomfortable that nobody has responded to him): Ethan, why don't you tell her about some of your experiences with frames?

I almost quit right there... I'm sticking it out until I get a response to my resume though.