The Association for Prevention of Internet Addictivity APIA has issued an an emergency notification regarding the wide spread phenomenon know to geeks and people_with_no_job as Everything. It warns surfers that the addictive nature of everything is monstrous. "Once you are lost in the nodes of Everything, you are lost for ever", said Mr.P, the President of APIA.

The report also talks about actions that might be taken against the founders nate and bones. Also included in the 666 page report, is an investigation into the shady nature of jessicapierce. She(?) is rumoured to be the manager incharge of the initiation process of Everything.

The report also investigates the shady working of everything. A member manifest complains that everything's moderator has nuked his node writeups on god and dog. "Several attempts to get a clarification from bones did not yeild any positive result", claims manifest.

--reported by APIA mouthpiece Big Brother.