Learning part of the script to Harold Pinter's play The Birthday Party for my Drama GCSE is hard. Mostly because of the way that my character (Goldberg) changes the subject so randomly that learning one continuous flow of words is almost impossible - one minute he is asking "Is the number 846 possible or necessary?", and then he's asking the terrified Stanley "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

However, learning all my lines so that I avoid miserably failing my GCSE is even harder when the two people I'm working with decide that attendance is for other people. So I have no one to work with, which provides me with a rare opportunity to muck around on E2 at school.

I also encountered the thrill of loosing my tie.

No, seriously, it's great fun. I left it in the changing rooms yesterday. So I go in to pick it up this morning, and there's another guy walking out of the changing rooms holding a tie. I go in, and look in the bit I was getting changed in (which the other guy was walking out of) and it's not there.

I look round a bit more until the kid comes back in, as if looking for something else. As if, say, he'd just noticed a name label on the tie he'd picked up, and saw that it wasn't his. I ask him if that's his tie.

"... Yeah."

*He realises that he has my tie*

*He makes a quick exit*

After looking a bit more I find the tie that he was looking for under a bench. Oh well, since that one was his, it looks like this is now mine.


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