Rhona Mitra, born in 1976, is an English actress and model.

Most geeks will recognize her as the "real life" Lara Croft (the heroine in the Tomb Raider video games), as she was hired by Eidos Interactive to model Lara for trade shows and other events.

Prior to incarnating Lara Croft she played Flora, a rather wild school girl, in the movie The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous by Jilly Cooper.

Other notable movie appearances include Hollow Man (playing Sebastian's neighbor), Beowulf (playing Kyra, Hrothgar's wife), and the recent Get Carter. She also had a guest appearance in the TV series Party of Five.

Reputedly, she was to star in the official Tomb Raider movie (due in 2001), but Angelina Jolie was cast instead.