Hell is also a small town in Norway, much to the amusement of the English speaking world.

Traces of settlement and runic inscriptions and carvings have been found, dating back to approximately 6,000 BC. Hellir, the town's original name, dates back to 2,000 BC.

Hell has a population of only 352. That number includes the 1990 Miss Universe, Mona Grudt, who has been chosen as an ambassador of Hell. (She even appeared on David Letterman's "The Late Show" as the Beauty Queen from Hell.)

Needless to say, many of the inhabitants of Hell refer to their home town jokingly when around foreigners. The post office makes big business out of selling "Postcards officially stamped in Hell", the weather forecasters; "It's going to be a cold day in Hell", and the road signs point out the Highway to Hell.

Yes, I'm serious! This place does indeed exist. I'm not making this up.