Zoobs are building blocks type toys, similar in some ways to Lego, yet very different.

Each zoob has 3 parts: 2 ends and a central body. The ends may either be a ball (called a citroid) or a socket (called a jaw) made up of two petals. The ball itself looks kind of like a golf ball with lots of little dents in it. The socket has a small cone in it that causes some resistance to movement of the ball, yet still allowing it to rotate. The body can either be solid or have a bite in it. Two bites interlock. There are dozens of different ways to put these zoobs together. There are 5 zoob types, each with a different color:

  • Ra: red with a solid body, a ball and a socket
  • Be: blue with a bite and two sockets
  • Si: silver with a bite, and a ball and socket
  • Ya: yellow with a bite and two balls
  • Gu: green with a solid body and two sockets
They are designed to attempt to model organic structures such as joints and bones just as lego mode building construction.