The classic grasshopper is a blend of with equal parts of each (most often 1oz or 3/4 oz or 22 - 30 ml for the metric people). Shake together with ice and strain into a glass. Most often this is done in a cocktail glass (6 oz) though the flute or champagne saucer has been seen. In paticularly generous bars the 8 - 10 oz old fashioned glass is is used.

This drink is often thought of as an after dinner drink providing much of the same flavor of that of a the green mints that sell for $0.05.

Variants upon the grasshopper include:

  • Substitute Coffee brandy for the Creme de Menthe (known as a Coffee Grasshopper)
  • Substitute 2 scoops of ice cream for the light cream (known as a Creamy Grasshopper or Frozen Grasshopper) Please note this no longer fits in the smaller glasses and a mason jar is suggested.
  • Substitute vodka for the Light cream (known as a Vodka Grasshopper)

The garnish for the grasshopper is often an Oreo cookie (thus adding the hint of chocolate to the concoction).

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