For those of you with destructive endeavors, this might be for you. But keep in mind, making this is probably illegal, and not very nice.

Don't blame me if you see many one-eared bunnies, flopping around helplessly.

This specific model was used quite a bit in WW2, mostly by desperate snipers.

You will need:

1. Open the tin can by making a 'X' at the top and then pulling the corners away from the middle.

2. Discard of any contents that may have been in the can. If your can had any botulism in it, good for you, just another way to hurt your opponent.

3. Hold the stick of dynamite in the center, with the stick not touching the bottom.

4. While holding the dynamite, fill the rocks or broken glass in around the stick.

5. Once the can have been sufficiently, but not overly filled with the propellents, fold the corners of the cut tin can back in place. Do this while taking care to secure the dynamite stick in place with the sharp corners of the can.

6. Light the dynamite.

7. Throw the can, with propellants and dynamite. Throw it far away.

8. Run away.

You have just made and used a very destructive hand grenade.