The Ten Sefiros are the ten character traits of the soul attributed to every person by Chassidism and Tanya.

The first seven sefiros are the Emotional Attributes of the Soul:

  1. Chesed, kindness
  2. Gevurah, severity or might
  3. Tiferet, harmony or beauty
  4. Netzach, victory
  5. Hod, splendor
  6. Yesod, foundation
  7. Malchut, royalty
  8. The last three sefiros are considered to be the Intellectual Attributes of the Soul:

  9. Chochmah, wisdom
  10. Binah, understanding
  11. Da’at, knowledge

The last three attributes condense into the acronym Chabad, a smaller sect within the chassidic movement.

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The word 'seifra' is said to have come from sapar, the Hebrew word meaning 'to count'. However there is an uncanny resemblance to the Greek word saphaira, which means 'sphere'.