While the news of the Enron breakup may have come as a surprise to some (and, of course, many people didn't even know what Enron was until they broke up), it shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone who took the 60 hours it takes to get through Final Fantasy VII, or at least the first few hours of it.

Final Fantasy VII tells the story of a large corrupt energy company that is so rich off its environmentally degrading power production plants that it can pretty much manipulate and rule the planet's political system. They rule from a dirty, polluted city where the majority of the people live in slums while the minority who work for the company work in a sparkling office building.

Despite all this, the company is so corrupt from every angle that it eventually falls under the impact of its own corruption.

The story of Enron, the story of Shinra.

Okay, okay, someone is going to point out that Shinra never suffered an economic collapse, and that instead of losing power from losing money, they lost power from a genetically altered half alien killing their president. And, of course, Enron doesn't create half alien mutant killers, as far as we know...

So, next time you are thinking of buying a hot stock that promises to go up through the roof, don't just read boring investement magazines...instead, play futuristic RPGs for advice on what companies are solid and which are about to collapse under the weight of their own evil.

Plus, "shinra" and "enron" sound a lot alike...

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