We sit slumped in our chairs

Bobby and Deedee

Belinda and me

we doodle we draw

we have paper and pens

there’s a speaker today

we’re supposed to take notes

we draw pictures instead

roses and needles

faces with crosses for eyes

he walks to the stage

puts his hand in his pocket

a gesture that says

I’m just a guy

he smiles he begins

no one says when I grow up

I want to be a heroin addict

no one says I hope I’m a junkie

when I get big

Bobby snorts and Deedee grins

me and Belinda try not to laugh

he shows us a film

prom queen track star

abscesses sores

hooking just for a dime bag of something

that might be smack

and might be more

he holds up his book

no one says

I want to be a heroin addict

in block letters


it’s on the book jacket

and me and Belinda

Bobby and Deedee

we laugh

that’s why we’re here

we all said that.