In going along with the revelation that Spuds MacKenzie, ex-spokesdog of Budweiser beer (America's favorite!), was actually not the stereotypical male party-animal that was implied in all the old commercials, Mr. Breathed also let loose the startling news that Rosebud was in fact female.

The father was Hodgepodge, the terminally angry and usually drunken jackrabbit. Hodge's paternal instinct took over when he realized the responsibility was his, however, and he lengthened his temper and actually put the bottle aside. That is, until the jackabasselope children matured one week later and left the nest.

Oliver Wendell Jones, the child scientist of the group and representative of the "species putiry league," refused to accept the fact a jackrabbit and a basselope could mate and produce offspring. An "unholy biological union," as he so eloquently stated.

It was a short scandal, but a devastating one. There was actually worry of this event leading to the breakdown of species integrity...and mixed dating on the Cosby Show. No lie.