The Bridge to Nowhere in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was a nickname of the Fort Duquesne Bridge during its construction. The construction started in 1959 and had problems in 1963 when there was confusion about the northeastern span because the state wanted the bridge to end at Ridge Avenue but Pittsburgh didn't want the West Park area to lose its attraction because of the span. The bridge was available for the northwestern traffic but no northeastern traffic. The bridge stayed this way for quite a while, so it became almost a part of what Pittsburgh was, it even started to become a tourist attraction. There were many reports of cars driving off of the double decker bridge into the Allegheny River. It also became a place for vagrants to live and the most expensive and perhaps the only double decker floating pier. I heard it was a decent place to fish too. The bridge was finally finished and opened in October 17, 1969, however the Post-Gazette's headline was "Fort Duquesne Bridge (Sigh) is Open," which seems to sound as if that Pittsburghers actually liked that the bridge wasn't finished.