¡Jesucristo! Nine writeups and no one even mentions the "vos" pronoun. It's used as a replacement for in many countries. Here is the conjugation:
  • Andar: vos andás
  • Comer: vos comés
  • Vivir: vos vivís
Present Subjunctive:
  • Andar: vos andés
  • Comer: vos comás
  • Vivir: vos vivás
  • Andar: vos andarés
  • Comer: vos comerés
  • Vivir: vos vivirés
  • Andar: ¡Andá!
  • Comer: ¡Comé!
  • Vivir: ¡Viví!

The imperfect, past subjunctive, and conditional tenses are conjugated in the same manner as "tú."