The base pairs in all sperm cells are not exact copies of each other. If they were, all the children produced by one couple would be exactly the same. While most cells nuclei are produced by mitosis, where an exact copy of the DNA is made, sex cells (gametes) are produced by meiosis, where only half the DNA, chosen randomly from within each chromosome pair is used to create a cell with only single chromosomes.

With 200,000,000 sperm cells, it's safe to assume that every base pair from the father is in at least one sperm, so you're looking at a total bandwith of 156 Mb/s, which is faster than most LANs.

This is fortunate, because the penis puts the local in Local Area Network. It would take a special breed of man to achieve a segment length of more than a few feet, and network topologies are best left as an exercise for the reader.