According to my calculations, 64-bit time_ts will run out in
late 292277026596 AD, so you'd better watch out! Here is the calculation,
in case you're wondering: 1970+(2^63-1)/365.2425/24/60/60. Some
other problems that may be in existence on that date:

  • No more Sol, therefore no more years. Earth's temperature may have dropped somewhat as a side-effect.
  • The Universe just might not be functioning well anymore, either from a Big Crunch, or from (sooner) a homogeneity of heat. This may cause interruptions in normal daily routine.

The point is, 64 bits will be enough to store dates, at least in seconds.
If we decide that seconds aren't enough, and we want to measure everything
in nanoseconds, then we will have a year 2262 problem, which may actually
come around during humanity's existence.

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