Once, the introverted thinker is a baby, a few months old. She is 4 years and 10 months younger than her brother, so her brother is 5.

I am holding her and we hear a racket. We go in the bedroom. The extroverted feeler and his father are on the bed and wrestling and shouting and laughing! The extroverted feeler is getting thrown down on the bed and leaping up to attack his father again!

The introverted thinker cries! I look at her and it is genuine fear and distress!

"Stop! Stop!" I shout. The extroverted feeler and his father stop and look at us in surprise.

"The introverted thinker thinks that you are really fighting. She is afraid her brother will be hurt!" The introverted thinker is subsiding but still looks worried.

"They are playing." I explain. I take her on the bed and gently lift her and then land her on the bed. We do swoopy motions. Her father takes her and does it too. She stops crying and smiles and then starts to laugh.

I take her off the bed. "Go ahead," I say. The extroverted feeler and his father resume wrestling. Now the introverted thinker can see that her brother is laughing and is not hurt and she laughs with them.